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Camedia C-860L

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Manufacturer's Description:
The D-360L is clearly aimed at the casual photographer, looking to document life memories with a minimum of effort and fuss.
At the same time though, it offers fairly sophisticated features including exposure compensation, spot metering, and variable ISO (light sensitivity), that let you shoot successfully in situations where less-capable cameras would leave you helpless.
Overall, a good entry-level digital camera that's easy to use, yet offers important features that go beyond the bare minimum usually associated with the category.

Front view

Sliding cover opened

The C-830L and C-860L are almost same cameras. The C860L case color is a little brighter.

The big revolution is that the button logos (at the bottom) has been standardised

Same display size, but the new model (at left) offers less pixels (61,000) than the C-830L (72,000)

The C-860L with its box, software CD and set of manuals

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