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The manuals also apply to:
- FE-160, X-730 and X-735 versions.

FE-150 press release extract:
Anyone opting for the new Olympus FE-150 will find themselves snapping away like a pro within minutes of opening the box.
The new 3x zoom, 5 million pixel camera has been designed very much with trouble-free photography in mind, but not at the expense of picture quality.
The camera’s lightweight, slim metal body exudes style and is compact enough to be slipped into a bag or pocket ready for use at a moments notice.
At 6.4cm, the large LCD makes taking photos and viewing the results dead easy. Most of all, beginners will really appreciate the camera controls that are virtually self explanatory.
The attractively-priced FE-150 is the perfect solution for all beginners and hobby photographers alike and, from April, will be available from all good camera shops.

Front view. Lens in
Size 9 (W) x 5.5 (H) x 2.45 (D) cm. Weight 125 g.

Lens out

Side view

Top and bottom sides

Back side with the 230,000-pixel 2.5" monitor

Vith its pouch, manuals and software CD's

The box

Design detail

Its twin brother, the 6 MP FE-160

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